A hammer and many nails shining
Many black nails and galvanized nails on white background
Two coils of construction nails
One coil nails and one paper carton nails

Galvanized and black concrete nails are essential in construction

Xingying specializes in suppling integrated solutions of construction and woodworking industries engaged in the manufacture of wooden containers and packaging. We manufacture high-quality and high-performance concrete nails in a wide variety of types and sizes.

According to the different materials and finish, there are hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, uncoated (black), acid-resistant and copper.

Black concrete nails without anti-corrosion coating. The nails used in the construction, repair or manufacture of rough product is essential and the most simple . They are used to connect a variety of designs from rough wood structures, such as, formwork and scaffolding.

Galvanized concrete nails are designed for outdoor installation of wooden elements, decorating and finishing construction work, since they are anti-corrosion, anti-rust due to zinc coating. galvanized nails very popular among the professionals.

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The leading company in the field of construction nails

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD founded in 1998, is the leading company in the field of construction metal fastener. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and sale metal concrete nails of all types and sizes.

In our products catalog you will find the concrete nails, finishing nails, roofing nails, siding nails, coiling nails, slate nails, box nails, clout nails, duplex head nails and screw nails. These nails in galvanized coating or uncoated (black). We also produce and sell decorative nails, nail plate and construction staples. We also propose and implement special steel nails, which effectively used in conditions of high loads and corrosive environments.

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